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Are Lithium Solar Batteries Safer?

How far is lithium solar battery from becoming an energy storage “group pet”?

Regardless of the form of energy storage, the role played by the grid (generation, transmission, distribution, use) is basically the same, and it is an effective means to improve the reliability and resilience of the grid. The application of energy storage in the power grid first began in the early 20th century, and has a history of more than 100 years. The most traditional and the largest application of energy storage is pumped storage, which is currently developing towards the electrochemical distributed energy storage mode.

The role of energy storage devices in smart grid

Driven by related industries such as electric vehicles, the scale of the lithium solar battery industry has expanded rapidly and prices have fallen rapidly, and the application of lithium solar batteries as a distributed energy storage system has gradually increased. By the end of 2020, the cumulative scale of electrochemical energy storage projects in operation in China was 1072.7MW, of which lithium solar battery energy storage projects accounted for about 60%.

Under the development background aiming at building a flexible smart grid, from the perspectives of improving grid resilience, adjustability, flexibility, intelligence, independence, and reducing coupling, energy storage is an effective means of any application. one. From the current energy storage components, lithium solar cells are a more suitable choice, especially for user-side energy storage, the advantages of lithium solar cells as energy storage components such as high energy density and long life are gradually emerging. However, at present, the application of lithium solar battery energy storage on the user side is growing slowly, and the economy, safety and applicability of the energy storage system itself need to be broken through.

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