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Can I go off the grid with solar? Here’s why that’s unlikely


Going off the grid is a term that has a handful of meanings in our lives. For some, it means unplugging from work and not answering phone calls, emails or texts (good luck with that, right??). For others, going off the grid means not following social norms and marching to your own tune. The latter is closer to the reason why people want to add solar. They want to eliminate their dealings with the utility company and only rely on themselves to generate electricity for their home. Imagine the joy one could feel by cutting that cord!

While going solar comes with many benefits (bettering the environment by reducing carbon emissions, and potentially lowering your electric bill), those already hooked to the electric grid are not able to sever that connection when adding solar. The good news is, adding solar means reducing your reliance on the utility company. Adding a backup battery with your solar panel purchase can limit those dealings even further. Read on to learn more about reducing your reliance on the utility company. But remember, we can’t take customers tied to the grid off of it.

Vast majority of residential solar systems are grid-tied
Most people own a home that’s tied to local utilities, including the electric grid. It’s hard to flush a toilet, fire up your smart TV or use your natural gas-powered stove without those utility connections. One would need land where there is no grid connection to go off the grid with solar. Chances are that’s not you, which is why you, dear reader, are looking at adding interconnecting solar with your utility provider.

But being tied to the electrical grid is far from a bad thing. That connection allows for the homeowner to draw electricity from the grid as necessary, to cover times when your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy (or at night, when they can’t produce any). Having the grid as a secondary source of energy means that your power needs will be met, as long as the grid is up and running. But there are times when the grid may be down following a severe storm that has downed power lines. Solar panel systems tied to the grid shut down for safety reasons during power outages. The reason is that any excess solar energy being sent back to the grid would cause dangerous conditions for utility workers repairing those downed lines.

Is there any way that solar can work during power outages? The answer is yes, and it’s with the help of a backup battery system. POWERHOME SOLAR offers such a solution.

Our Generac battery system allows for less dependence on the grid
A battery system can further reduce dependence on the power grid by storing excess energy produced by your solar panels. That’s why we partner with Generac, a leader in backup power generation products, including batteries. In the event of a grid outage, your solar panel system with a Generac backup battery will continue powering the protected loads that customers picked to back up at the time of  installation. Examples of loads that customers can back up include your refrigerator to keep your food and medication from spoiling, your stove, or you could continue to provide power to an outlet in your home office, allowing you to use your computer to stay connected.

However, the value of Generac’s battery backup system isn’t just tied to having backup power during outages. It has multiple modes to fit your home’s energy needs. It’s very handy in combatting time-of-use rates that figure to become increasingly common in the future. Instead of being charged extra to use energy from the grid during certain times of day, the solar stored in your Generac battery system can be used to counter those rates, and in turn potentially save yourself money on your electric bill.

The time to go solar is now
Really. Now is the perfect time to go solar! Utility companies continue to raise their prices, making now the perfect time to take control of your power. POWERHOME SOLAR offers homeowners all of the tools necessary to reduce their dependency on the grid. While there’s good reason that we can’t take you completely off the grid, we can get you pretty close! Come get a free quote from us, or give us a call at 1-800-POWER-90 to get started on solar!

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