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Does Tesla sell solar batteries?

There really isn’t any such thing as a SOLAR BATTERY, as such.

But you can buy a small solar cell with a small battery built both together in one little box or package.

I have a dozen of these little ones around my house. The sun shines on the little solar cell, the cell charges up the little battery, and the little battery runs a little light most of the night, until it goes dead, and the cycle repeats day after day.

You can get bigger ones too , to use while you are camping, etc, which you can use to run a radio or computer as well as an electric light.

Tesla sells solar cells, and Tesla sells batteries.

But so far as I know, Tesla does not sell them fastened together. They come separately, and must be connected together by an electrician.

And you might have to buy a whole house roof of cells at once to get them from Tesla. I haven’t heard that Tesla sells solar cells one at a time.

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