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Lithium Solar Batteries for Sale -YouthPower

Lithium Ion Battery is an ideal power solution for many applications, including UPS, Medical Equipment, and Emergency Lighting. Lithium batteries are available in the most common sizes and voltages to meet your power requirements.

YouthPower is a professional lithium battery manufacturer with over ten years of experience producing high-quality custom lithium batteries at competitive prices. Our products meet UL1642, IEC, CE, MSDS & UN38.3 standards and have been successfully applied in many areas of industrial applications.

Our Products:
10.24kwh 51.2V 200AH Lithium Battery (Cell) Customized Design and Manufacture Services;

UL1642(Cell) UL 1642-1: Standard for Power Sources for Portable Equipment – Section 1 General Requirements;

IEC62619.IEC 62619: Electrical Batteries – Safety Requirements for Portable Rechargeable Lithium-ion Cells and Batteries Used in Portable Applications – General Requirements;

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most effective and efficient battery types on the market today. They provide high energy density to store power in a small space.

YouthPower lithium-ion batteries are made from high-quality materials designed to last for many years. They’re also environmentally friendly—you can safely dispose of them in regular trash bins or recycling facilities.
Each battery is designed to meet UL1642 safety standards and IEC62619 and UN38.3 requirements, so you can feel confident that your battery will perform safely and reliably during use.

The YouthPower lithium-ion battery has an MSDS (material safety data sheet), an EMC certification that ensures it won’t interfere with other electronics in your home or business, and an enclosure protection rating of IP21—meaning it’s resistant to dust and water from all directions except above.

Lithium batteries are a great way to power your products. They are lightweight, robust, and reliable. Finding a good lithium battery supplier can be challenging. You might think you need to find the cheapest supplier, but this can lead to problems.
This article will cover some things you should consider when choosing your lithium battery suppliers.

1) Quality: First and foremost, ensure that your chosen supplier has high-quality standards. You want batteries that will last for years without losing their charge or becoming damaged by heat or cold. If a supplier claims that their batteries last for ten years but doesn’t provide any proof of their claims, then they’re probably unreliable.

2) Price: Of course, price is an essential factor when choosing suppliers as well! It would help if you found a balance between price and quality to get good value for money while still getting high-quality products from reliable companies.

3) Service: It’s also important to look at customer service when choosing suppliers because sometimes there will be issues with products, and it’s nice knowing that there’s someone there who can help out if something goes wrong

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