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Solar Group promotes reliable, yet cost-effective Solar Power Solutions.

When you contact us, we will do a free site-specific design quote with site-specific solar performance calculations for your property.

Try using our online analysis tool to Find out the correct size system that is specified to your site, your needs, and your budget. It may be the best 2 minutes you’ll spend when considering going solar.

When you select a solar power system (photovoltaics), there are many variables that need to be considered in order to get the optimal output (and the most savings). Location, orientation, usage patterns, budget, and future needs.

We are solar experts and are able to give you the best advice!

When you buy a system from us, you know you have the right system for your situation. Our solar consultants have vast experience. We helped and installed solar systems all over New Zealand from the Far North to Invercargill. We have the knowledge to help you find out which solar power system will work better for your situation.

We sell and install all types of solar, so we are not biassed towards any one solution.

Our Solar Power System is built using high-quality components and the latest technology.

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