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24V 300AH Solar Battery for Off Grid System

The YouthPower 24V Off-Grid Solar Battery Bank 300AH is a great way to replace your existing lead-acid 24V off-grid batteries. It has a capacity of 300AH, and it’s UL1642, IEC62619, MSDS, and UN38.3 certified. The battery bank can be paralleled up to 14 units, so you can get the power you need with just one battery.

This battery bank is designed to work with most 24V solar inverters. It’s also quiet and can operate in a wide temperature range.

And if you’re looking for cables or connectors for this battery bank, we have those options available as well!

You can use this 300AH solar battery bank to replace your lead-acid batteries. It will work with most 24V solar inverters and has a 10-year factory warranty. You can connect up to 14 units in parallel, and it is UL1642-qualified for safety performance. The battery operates in a wide range of temperatures, and it is selective lifepo4 cells that are UL1642 qualified for safety performance.

This battery comes with a smart BMS system that matches different inverter types, so you can use it for 100A or 200A protection with stable performance. This is an ideal backup system or UPS function for homes, businesses, factories, and other applications.

Are you looking for a way to store power from your solar panels?
The YouthPOWER YP24300 is the perfect solution. It’s designed to replace lead-acid batteries in 24V off-grid systems, and it can be used with most 24V solar inverters.

This battery is safe, reliable, and easy to use—it has a 10-year factory warranty, as well as all the certifications you need to rest easy knowing it’s UL1642 compliant.

It can be parallel-connected up to 14 units at once!

A new era of off-grid solar battery banking is here.

We are proud to introduce our new YouthPower 24V series batteries, which are designed to replace your existing lead acid batteries and work with most 24V off grid or hybrid inverters.

The YouthPower 24V series solar battery is an innovative way to store energy from the sun, wind, grid power diesel/gas generators, or any other combinations.

They are a great backup system and UPS function. They also come in either ground or wall-mounted styles and can be indoor or outdoor.

Not all solar batteries are created equal.

You need a battery that’s reliable, safe, and durable. You want it to work in a wide temperature range and be compatible with the inverters you already have. You want it to be UL1642-qualified for safety performance and tested for quality assurance before it leaves the factory. You want it to come with a 10-year warranty against defects, so you know this is a product that will last as long as your solar system does.

And finally, you want all of this at an affordable price point.

Well, we’ve got good news: our new YouthPOWER 24V Off Grid Solar Battery Bank 300AH checks all those boxes—and then some!

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