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Stackable Battery YOUTHPOWER

Right now, the easy stackable energy storage system with battery is much popular in Europe market. The advantage of this modules stackable batteries such as it is easy modular design easily be installed, save time and labor. Second most important as there is no existing complex wirings, friendly for installers and customers. It will be a perfect mate of our families with this design and safety lifepo4 performance.


So let’s introduce YouthPOWER solar stackable batteries for low voltage and high voltage items.


1) YouthPOWER AIO inverter with stackable lifepo4 batteries, max. 60kwh


stacked battery power

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2) YouthPOWER AIO high voltage 3P system with stackable batteries


battery stack
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3) YouthPOWER High voltage stackable solar batteries for 3 Phase inverter


stacked lithium battery
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More details about our stackable batteries:


1、Stacked design, the battery modules are stacked upwards for assembly, saving space to the greatest extent and improving space utilization.

2、The bottom of the system design is the base box, the middle is the battery module, and the top is the combiner box. The overall body is higher and the aesthetics is stronger

3、Directly superimpose battery modules to expand capacity and increase power, without the need for previous brackets or cabinets

4、Between each battery module, the groove is designed and fixed with external M5 screws, the structure is compact and stable, and the sealing is stronger. (Introduction to the technical solution of this patent application):

5、The top combiner box is equipped with a total output device and a total communication device, which is convenient for installation and daily use.

6、Each battery module has a weak point switch, which can be controlled separately and flexible in operation

7、Each battery pack has a communication port, which can be connected to the top general communication device, and supports simultaneous monitoring and query of multiple battery pack data.


YouthPOWER has developed so many types of home batteries to meet different needs of the users, like wall-mounted battery, rack battery, high/low-volltage stackable battery, floor-mounted battery, etc. Store solar energy and provide cleaner & more reliable energy for your home! You can use our battery systems at peak times, not only meets emergency purposes, but also useful for family electricity costs saving.


Looking forward to helping you to expand the potential market!

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