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The fastest, safest, and most accurate ways to measure your roof for shingles

Congratulations on beginning your new roof project! If you’re wondering how to measure a roof, what roofing materials to order, or whether your roofing contractor is properly estimating your requirements, our roof measurement guide is here to help. On this page, we provide you with three different ways to measure roof area for shingles or a new metal roof.

The first way is the simplest, especially if you’re good with a computer. We’ll show you how to get a rough estimate of the roofing squares you’ll need just with Google Earth. The second approach allows you to measure your roof from the ground. This can be especially helpful if you have a dangerous roof and would prefer to keep yourself safe. The third way to measure your roof is from on top of the structure itself. The advantage to this option is that it’s the most accurate, but it involves a little more geometry and math than the other options. Let’s get started!

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