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What are the best off-grid solar systems to buy?

Editorial note: This is an unbiased review: we have no financial ties with any of the companies mentioned, nor do we earn money from affiliate advertising. The content of this blog is based on research and information available at the time of writing.

Choosing the best off-grid system to buy can be a challenging task.

Consumers looking to purchase an off-grid system are faced with an overwhelming amount of choice. This is because:

Off-grid systems are the sum of many parts: Every off-grid solar power system is the sum of many components. They are comprised of solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, wiring, and racking and mounting.
There are many solar brands out there: For each type of solar equipment – solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, etc. – there are many manufacturers.
There’s lots of room for customization: Solar systems are completely modular, so each component can be swapped for a different size or different brand.
Luckily for you, we here at SolarReviews have researched the market and narrowed down your options for you. In this blog, we share our picks for the best off-grid solar systems for every need.

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