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What does the energy density of a lithium battery mean?

With the development of society, people can see lithium battery products everywhere , more and more inseparable from the lithium battery, now battery manufacturers need to overcome the biggest difficulty is battery life, life length, but the length of the range mainly depends on the electronic equipment and energy consumption, generally speaking, if we don’t consider the total energy consumption, when the battery volume and quality of the same condition, the length of the life is determined by the battery than energy size.So what is the lithium battery energy density?Let’s take a look at …

What does the energy density of a lithium battery mean?

Basically, the energy density of lithium battery is the electromagnetic energy that can be stored under a certain volume or mass conditions. The energy density of lithium battery, namely the average value of charging battery quality, is stored by electromagnetic energy, in watt / kg (wh / kg) The energy density of a lithium battery is stored on average in electromagnetic energy in watt / liter (wh / L). Simply put, the greater the battery energy density, the larger the stored battery.

Energy density of cell

The rechargeable battery structure of electronic devices is designed as a battery pack composed of several rechargeable batteries, and each rechargeable battery touch pack is composed of several lithium-ion batteries, namely the basic module of lithium-ion battery system software.

System software energy density

In contrast to the energy, the system software is the energy stored in the mass or volume of an entire battery system software.Generally speaking, the specific energy of the battery car rechargeable battery is understood as the specific energy of the rechargeable battery system software.Rechargeable battery system software is composed of many independently produced lithium ion batteries, but considering that the intelligent management system of rechargeable batteries and various connected raw materials has a certain quality and space environment, a whole rechargeable battery system software can not reach the single lithium ion system software.

What are the limitations on the energy density of battery system software? Battery system energy density = cell energy density into group efficiency As mentioned above, the rechargeable battery system software consists of many lithium-ion batteries, affected by the emergence of lithium ions and the connection of raw materials.

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