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What is community solar? Is it better than installing solar panels on your home?

More people are interested in going solar than ever before. According to a recent Pew survey, a growing proportion of homeowners are considering getting solar panels for their homes. They are attracted to solar for two main reasons: to save money and to help the environment.

These are compelling reasons, and it’s likely that interest in solar will continue to grow.

Unfortunately, installing solar panels isn’t an option for some people. There are several reasons why getting solar may not be possible, but the two most common are having an unsuitable roof, or being a renter.

Enter community solar.

Community solar – also known as a solar garden or shared solar – offers a chance to gain the benefits of solar without having to install solar panels on your home.

In this blog, we’ll explain what community solar is, how it works, and whether it might be right for you.

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