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What is the difference between 12V 200AH Battery and 24V 200AH?

The first battery contains  12V∗200Ah=2400Wh=2.4kWh  of energy when fully charged. The second battery contains  24V∗200Ah=2400Wh=4.8kWh  of energy when fully charged.  4.8kWh=2∗2.4kWh . In other words, the second battery contains twice as much energy as the first one.

This doesn’t mean that the  24V  battery is simply ‘better’, however. Devices are designed to operate off a certain voltage. If you try to operate a  12V  device off a  24V  battery, you’ll likely fry that device. In other words, the two batteries are not interchangeable.

Or, in other words, if you need a  12V  battery, for example in a car, you can’t put a  24V  battery in. If you want the same amount of energy, you’ll need a  12V400Ah  battery, or two  12V200Ah  batteries in parallel. Don’t connect them in series, or you end up with a  24V 200Ah  battery pack.

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