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What off brand battery company is actually good?

Well… You are kind of in a pickle here. Even big companies like HP and Dell don’t contract to use the absolute best cells in their battery packs.

You could trust the name. Laptop and Netbook Batteries Duracell makes some replacement laptop battery packs. They are putting their name on the product, so there is an expected minimum level of quality attached to the product. That name carries decades of Good Product Performance with it.

Other than that, if you can’t find any information on the company that makes it, you then have to go with reading reviews on the product itself.

If you can’t find any information on the company, and there are no reviews… then I’d find a battery that either was made by a company you CAN research, or I’d find a battery with a lot of good reviews.

Cheap, Fast, Good. Pick two. How does fast apply? Well… it is possible to get good laptop batteries directly from the companies in China that are assembling them. And… they are cheap. They just get delivered by Hong Kong Post, and that takes like 6–8 weeks.

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