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How Many 200ah Batteries are Needed to Power a Home?

If your solar system is on the grid, you will not be able to use it in case of a power failure. It is automatically shut down for safety reasons which is why having batteries is ideal. The question is, how many 200ah batteries will you need to run your appliances? And for how long?


Four 200ah batteries is equal to 9.8 kwh or around 9600 watts. This is enough to run essential home appliances like a refrigerator, six light bulbs, a TV and a laptop charger for 3.9 hours.


How Many 200ah Batteries Do I Need For My Home?

There are two important factors to consider. First, how many appliances you want to run, and second for how long. These will determine how many 200ah batteries you will need. As to which brand to buy, our choice is the Renogy 200ah Battery as it is built specifically for off gird applications.


To calculate how many batteries you will need, use this simple formula:

Total appliances watts/kilowatts = battery size

Batteries are measured in amps, so to find its watt equivalent:

Watts / volts = amps
Amps x volts = watts

Battery Power For House Calculation Example


There are a few assumptions we need to make here. First, it is unrealistic to run an entire house on batteries for days. You can however, use batteries to run appliances in your home or cabin for several hours in case of a power outage. In our example, we will assume that you want to run only essential appliances like the following:


AppliancePower Consumption
Refrigerator2000 watts Starting / 780 running
60W light bulbs (5)300 Watts
Mobile device charger60 Watts
45 inch TV100 Watts
Total: 2460 watts / Battery Required: 4x200ah / Runtime 3.9 hours


The total is 2460 watts or 2.5 kwh. These consumption rates are for guidelines only. Refer to the label on your products for the exact power draw.


This is only an example, but you may have other ideas on what makes up essential appliances. Just change the list above and add your own devices and compute the power consumption.


Now you have the total watts, 2460. How many 200ah batteries will you need? First we have to convert watts into amps. Assuming you will be using a 12V battery:


200ah x 12V = 2400 watts


One 200ah is not enough, so you need at least two to even start your power load. But the question is, how many batteries will you need to keep your appliances going? That is what we cover in the next section.


200ah Batteries


A 200Ah Lithium battery can be used to power a house. The 200Ah battery is a high quality product and is designed by our in-house engineers and manufactured using the latest technology.


The 200 ah battery can be used to power a home during power outages or as an emergency back up source of energy.


The battery comes with many safety features including Overcharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, over discharge protection and so on.


This battery is ideal for use in remote locations where there is no access to the grid or where the existing grid is unreliable or expensive.


The 200Ah lithium battery will give you enough power to run your lights and appliances for months without having to worry about running out of power.


The 200 ah battery can be charged from solar panels or from grid electricity (when available).

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