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How to maintain and maintain lithium solar batteries

In recent years, with its light weight, environmental protection and long service life, lithium solar batteries have become more and more popular, especially after many first-tier cities have released the legal license of electric vehicles, the lithium solar batteries of electric vehicles have gone crazy again. Once, but many small partners do not pay attention to daily maintenance, which often greatly affects their life cycle. How to maintain and maintain lithium solar batteries?


1. Using the original charger for charging can play a role in protecting the circuit to maintain the power circuit.

2. Moderate charge and discharge to prevent damage; overcharge and overdischarge will cause damage to the rechargeable battery. Therefore, do not wait until the battery is exhausted to recharge, and do not need to charge for a long time. Generally, keep the battery for one to one after the charger light turns green. after two hours;

3. Pay attention to the natural environment of battery charging to avoid safety risks; charging in rain and snow in winter can easily cause short circuits, and in summer, charging in hot sun can easily cause spontaneous combustion. For safety, you should choose a dry, ventilated, and cool environment.

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