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Celebrate YouthPOWER High Voltage ESS 35KWH Solar Battery New Arrivals


In order to meet the different needs of more customers, we have officially released a new product all in one ESS 10KW inverter battery system; Model number: YPESS100-25KW/YPESS100-30KW/YPESS100-35KW

A high-voltage solar storage system containing inverters and batteries, The 3P 10KVA inverter is fixed and unchanged ,Support photovoltaic, battery, grid-connected and load four interfaces, integrated network switching function, support 100% balanced load access, can match air conditioning and other induction responsibilities, with good load adaptability.Can match the air conditioning and other induction responsibilities, with good load adaptability.Youth Power Solar ESS10KVA Hybrid Inverter in 35kwh Lithium iron extenable battery module.

At the same time, its waterproof coefficient reaches IP65, suitable for harsh environment, long-term continuous and reliable operation. Life design of up to 25 years, support off-grid connection, support Wifi, GPRS wireless monitoring.

Whether it’s for home solar storage systems, or for hospitals, schools, offices, this All In One ESS 10KW Inverter Battery System is the best choice!

In the future, Youth POWER  will continue to develop more new models to meet the different needs of different countries, and we are welcome your valuable advice to our research & development team!

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