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Electricity prices in Texas have soared nearly 200 times!

The winter storms that have struck many states across the United States have caused at least 33 deaths, millions of homes and businesses have continued to lose power, and water and natural gas supplies have also been greatly affected.


Data shows that although the power outage caused by the winter storm has eased, as of the 17th local time, there were still more than 3.1 million households and businesses in all states in the United States, including 2.6 million in Texas.


With the extreme imbalance of supply and demand, Texas electricity prices have soared wildly.


According to data from the Texas Electric Power Reliability Commission, which manages the local power grid, earlier this week, Texas wholesale electricity prices exceeded $10,000 per MWh, which is equivalent to more than $10 per kilowatt-hour, which is 200 times higher than the average daily price.

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