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German solar battery market will explode in the next three years

At present, global climate change has had an important impact on the international energy situation. Renewable energy has sprung up, and high efficiency, cleanliness and low carbon have become the mainstream direction of the world’s new energy development. However, the intermittent and uncontrollable nature of wind and solar power generation are restrictive factors affecting the development of renewable energy.

German solar battery market will explode in the next three years

The United States is a country with an early development of energy storage. It currently has nearly half of the world’s demonstration projects, and there have been several energy storage projects that have achieved commercial applications. The United States has more applications in lithium-ion battery manufacturing and system integration. At the same time with large-scale government funding support. Japan is leading the world in energy storage technologies for sodium-sulfur batteries, flow batteries, and modified lead-acid batteries. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011, Japan promoted household energy storage as the focus of industrial support.

German rural solar battery market

A statistical analysis of energy storage research, development and demonstration projects in 14 European countries was carried out. In the past five years, the total number of public investment projects in these countries and projects directly funded by the European Commission reached 391, with a total investment of 986 million euros. Germany has taken a lot of action in promoting the energy storage industry. In 2017 and 2018, it plans to invest 50 million euros to directly subsidize users who purchase new energy storage systems. Currently, 30MW projects have received subsidies. Due to the introduction of this energy storage subsidy program, Germany’s installed energy storage capacity is expected to reach 2GW/h in the next five years.

Expansion of solar battery construction project in German countryside

“The huge solar production shows that Germany will need more solar energy storage batteries in the future. There are already more than 1.4 million photovoltaic installations that produce too much electricity, especially during the midday sun concentration.” The German Federal Foreign Trade and Investment Agency’s Energy storage expert Tobias Rothacher believes that “every new photovoltaic device installed in Germany will drive the demand for energy storage batteries. The price of solar energy storage batteries will drop significantly in the next few years. This shows that not only the increase in the number of storage batteries is necessary , And its price will become more attractive.”

German country solar battery power station

According to the forecast of EuPD, a European market research organization, the sales volume of solar storage battery systems in Germany will rise from 6,000 in 2013 to more than 100,000 in 2018. The German solar storage battery market will explode in the next three years. Australia’s mining industry is developed. Many industrial and mining areas have independent power grids, and the proportion of diesel power generation is large. The mining areas, public utilities, household energy storage and distributed energy markets have begun a comprehensive layout. It is expected to reach 3000MW in 2030. Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia have become emerging markets for microgrids. There are many islands in these areas, and the proportion of people without electricity is large. In view of the geographical factors and economic conditions of the islands, microgrids have become the best solution.

German country solar battery power station

The United States is the country with the most energy storage and frequency modulation projects. The more well-known projects include the Stephentown 20MG energy storage power station in New York State, and the AES 8MG energy storage power station in New York State. Chile has also carried out some FM energy storage projects, such as the three energy storage projects put into use by AES in the northern Chile grid. China has also begun pilot projects for energy storage and frequency modulation power stations.

The development of the German rural solar battery industry

Renewable energy is the direction of future energy structure adjustment, but only when the energy storage problem is solved can we truly enter the era of renewable energy. It is energy storage technology that really affects the future energy landscape. Energy storage technology is likely to be the most important breakthrough direction in the next energy revolution. If anyone makes a major breakthrough in energy storage technology, it is a huge contribution to human development. Now various energy storage battery technologies emerge in endlessly. After the resignation of former US Secretary of Energy Nobel Prize winner Zhu Diwen returned to Stanford University to study encrypted lithium batteries. Energy storage batteries such as sodium sulphur, iron chromium, total vanadium, zinc air, aluminum air and so on are emerging in an endless stream. Tesla electric vehicles claim that their advantage lies in battery management technology. Energy storage technology is experiencing explosive growth.

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