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How can one do a complete solar system installation at home?

There are a couple of possible answers to this question based on what exactly you mean by ‘complete solar system installation’.

My facetious answer is ‘be god, build a sun and all the planets that orbit it’

But making some assumptions I think we can conclude what you are asking for is how to install a complete solar power system at a home. The simple answer is buy a solar panel, hook it to light with some wires, point the panel at the sun, and the light should come on. Done. But you probably want that light to come on when the sun is down – so now you need to add a battery to circuit. And you might want to turn the light OFF at night so need to add a switch, and don’t want the battery to go dead or be able to last longer, you need to add in a charge controller. And if you want something other than a DC light to run off the solar panel you will need those devices, and if they run off AC you will need an inverter than can handle that change from DC to AC. To run ALL the devices in a ‘typical’ USA house can end up very expensive requiring LOTS of solar photo-voltaic panels, major battery banks, charge controller and inverter, and quite a bit of attention to make certain everything is running to the best possible efficiency. One is best served though being MORE efficient than the typical USA house, then adding in the solar electric power system sized just big enough to handle the needs of the efficient house.

So the first thing one needs to do is judge what is needed, what can be done to reduce the needs, and how to best fulfill the needs in the most efficient manner as possible.

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