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Lifepo4 battery can really increase renewable energy revenue

In the media’s publicity, the lifepo4 battery system always seems to be a panacea for all intermittent renewable energy power generation related problems, including the “price competition” caused by the “priority effect”. Indeed, the most intuitive use case of lifepo4 battery is energy arbitrage, which is to increase the revenue of renewable energy by transferring the power output of renewable energy in low-value periods to high-value periods. However, the most profitable use case of lifepo4 battery is to provide power auxiliary services, and this method can provide the most limited benefits for the development of renewable energy. In fact, this disconnect has already raised people’s questions. To what extent can the deployment of lifepo4 batteries increase the revenue of renewable energy projects?

Lifepo4 battery can really increase renewable energy revenue

lifepo4 battery operators always carry out system dispatch in a “way that can create the greatest value for the grid”, and this method does not necessarily create the greatest benefits for renewable energy projects (in most cases, even if some shared or coexisting The same goes for the “battery/renewable energy portfolio” project).


We generally believe that there is a high symbiotic relationship between lifepo4 battery and renewable energy, that is, lifepo4 battery will be charged during the period when renewable energy is generated, and discharged during other periods. On many levels, this design is very reasonable. Essentially, lifepo4 battery can realize “energy arbitrage” by transferring the power output of renewable energy during low-value periods to high-value periods, thereby reducing the short-term cost of the grid and bringing benefits to renewable energy projects.

Lifepo4 battery system

In the future, with the decline in the cost of lifepo4 battery and the progress of related technologies, the main use cases of lifepo4 battery may eventually develop from “providing auxiliary services” to “energy arbitrage.” Until then, lifepo4 battery can really contribute to the revenue increase and related development of renewable energy projects. But before that, we should not exaggerate the role that lifepo4 battery can play in “renewable energy integration”. According to current trends, “energy arbitrage” is still not the best way to make money for lifepo4 battery.


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