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What is the cycle lifetime of lithium ion batteries

Off-grid solar power systems are designed to be used in remote areas with no access to the electrical grid. These systems can range from large, commercial-grade systems that provide power for whole towns, small businesses, and even homes, to smaller residential systems that are used by individuals who want to live self-sufficiently.


Lithium ion batteries are often used in off-grid solar power systems because they have high energy density and can tolerate deep discharges. They also have a long cycle life of over 2000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. However, the cycle life of lithium ion batteries used in off-grid solar power systems will depend on how often the battery is fully charged and discharged.


If you use your off-grid solar power system only occasionally and charge it fully between uses (what we refer to as “partial” charging), then it will last longer than if you use it daily or almost every day without allowing time for partial charging.

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