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Optimized control of British battery system to achieve grid stability

The British legal person of German photovoltaic power generation operator Belectric announced on February 12 that it will verify the technology of photovoltaic power generation and solar batteries optimization control to achieve grid stabilization on the British power grid. The project name is “Enhanced Frequency Control Capability (EFCC) project”.

Optimized control of British battery system to achieve grid stability

Belectric is responsible for the design, installation and operation of the two power storage systems. One of them is located in the Belectric photovoltaic power station in the Cotswolds (Cotswolds) in the hills of central England.The power storage system in the photovoltaic power station is used to store the electricity generated by photovoltaic power. Another power storage system is used to store the surplus power in the grid.

Solar batteries in the UK

If the monitoring point in the power grid detects that the voltage exceeds a certain value or the frequency changes above a certain value, it will control the power grid to restore it to normal. This countermeasure can be implemented within 25ms (0.025 seconds) after the problem is detected.

British solar battery power station

The power storage system optimization project is led by the British power operator National Grid. By improving the operation of renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation, the voltage and frequency of the grid can be stabilized, thereby reducing the hot reserve (spinning reserve) required by the grid.

Household solar energy storage system applied in the UK

Based on the approval of the British Gas and Electricity Market Office (Ofgem), the power storage system optimization project will use Belectric’s energy storage system and management technology to verify the feasibility and issues of cutting-edge grid monitoring and control technology.

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