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Why are lithium-ion batteries so expensive to manufacture?

I can’t give you the breakdown but I can tell you about the cost of the batteries.

For 1 KWh, a masproduced Lithium-ion battery would cost around $240–220 US dollar.

If I take the example of the Tesla Gigafactory, then I can tell you that those will probably cost $200 or less US dollars for 1 KWh.

So why are they that expensive?

It’s because that Lithium-ion batteries are new to the market based on the time companies have started to massproduce them.

We are in a revolutionary era in which we are a part of the switch from fossil fuels to renewable or batteries in the case of cars.

To sum it all up, these batteries are expensive now, but in next 5 years these will be very cheap to manufacture.

By the way, the co-inventor of the Li-ion battery has just made a solid state battery which can use sodium instead of lithium, thus making them cheaper to manufacture. You can google “solid state batteries” to find out more.

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