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YOUTHPOWER new batch battery 10kwh rack delivery

Youth Power – China lithium companies who manufacturers solar storage lifepo4 batteries. Offer OEM manufacturer service for solar home batteries.

new batch battery 10kwh rack delivery

Recently, new batch of 10kwh 48v 200Ah home power lithium-ion solar batteries are ready for delivery in South Africa market.
The advantage of our storage batteries:

1: Apply finger touch LCD for clear battery working status.
2: Long cycle life -product life expectancy of 15 – 20 years
3: Modular system allows storage capacity to be easily expandable as power needs increase
4: Proprietary architecture and integrated Battery Management System (BMS) – no additional programming, firmware, or wiring
5: Operates at unparalleled 98% efficiency for more than 5,000 cycles
6: Can be rack mounted or wall mounted in a dead space area of your home/business
7: Offers up to 100% depth of discharge
8: Non-toxic and non-hazardous recyclable materials – recycle at end of life

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