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YOUTHPOWER—Updated Battery Choices for Today’s Power Needs

When you intend to take your active household off the grid today, it means you desire your refrigerator to work, along with computers, internet, televisions, lights as well as everything else, all in the meanwhile. Merely backing up one emergency load cannot cut it any longer, especially in places such as California where life must go on when the utility turns off the power, which requires larger battery capacity, faster charging rates and deeper depth of discharge — lead-acid fails to meet such need whereas lifepo4 solar battery could.

“Lead is dying in off-grid. You can get long lives out of lead-acid, but they require a lot of maintenance,” Norman said. “There is no sense in selling a premium lead when I can sell lithium for only 10% more. Lead still works in automotive markets, but on the solar and stationary side, lead is dead.”


lifepo4 storage battery


Nio will soon utilize lithium-iron phosphate batteries. What’s more, YOUTHPOWER pays great attention to lifepo4 storage battery, accordant with the increasing and ever-changing needs of people.

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