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Server Rack Battery 48V 200ah Solar Storage LiFePO4 Battery

Server Rack Battery 48V 200ah Solar Storage LiFePO4 Battery

Rack Module 48V 200AH 5U Lifepo4 Solar Storage Battery
YP 5U-48200
Rated Voltage
48V / 51.2V
Rated Capacity
Supply Ability
5000 units per month
1 unit
YP 5U-48200
UL1642,IEC, CE, MSDS & UN38.3
Server Rack Battery 48V 200ah Solar Storage LiFePO4 Battery

5kwh 24 48v server rack lifepo4

YouthPOWER 19-inch series rack items including 2U-5U models 50-200Ah. Provides 2.4KWH up to 10kwh for sing module. Modular design gives end-customers the ability to choose more capacity with more units. Compatible with most off grid / hybrid inverters in the market.

Easy fastening of the buckles that minimized the installation time and cost!

Enjoy easy installation and cost with Youth Power Home SOLAR WALL BATTERY, We are always ready to supply the first-class products and meet the various needs of the customers.
We are always ready to supply the first-class products and meet the various needs of the customers.

Part Number: YP 4U-48200

Brand: YouthPOWER

Battery Voltage: 48

Capacity: 200AH / 9.6KWH

Our server rack battery are a unique solution to the problem of solar energy storage. We have created a battery that is specifically designed for use in computer server racks, but can also be used for other applications.

The batteries are made from lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), a material that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The LiFePO4 technology has been shown to last longer than conventional lead acid batteries, while also being lighter and more compact.

Our server rack battery can be configured with either 24 or 48 volts of power, depending on your needs. We offer options for both 5kWh and 10kWh capacities, which means you can store enough energy to power your entire facility!

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Item Specification
Product Specification
Model No.YP 3U-24100YP 2U-4850 YP 2U-5150YP 4U-48100 YP 4U-51100YP 5U-48150 YP 5U-51150YP 5U-48200 YP 5U-51200
Combination8S1P15S/16S 1-4P
Cell3.2V 50AH & 100AH UL1642
BMSBuilt - in Battery Management System
ConnectorsWaterproof connector
Cycles (80% DOD)6000 cycles
Depeth of dischargeUpto 100%
Lifetime10 years
Standard charge20A20A50A50A50A
Standard discharge20A20A50A50A50A
Maximum continuous charge100A50A100A100A120A
Maximum continuous discharge100A50A100A100A120A
Operation temperatureCharge: 0-45℃, Discharge: -20--55℃
Storage temperatureKeep at -20 to 65℃
Protection standardIp21
Cut off voltage45V
Max.charging voltage54V
Memory effectNone
MaintenanceMaintenance free
CompatibilityCompatible with all standard oifgrid inverters and charge controllers. Battery to inverter output sizing keep 2:1 ratio.
Warranty Period5-10 Years
RemarksYouth Power rack battery BMS must be wired in parallel only. Wiring in series will void the warranty. Allow max, 14 units in parallel to expand more capacity.
Product structure text description
  • 01Long cycle life - product life expectancy of 15-20 years
  • 02Modular system allows storage capactiy to be easily expandable as power needs increase.
  • 03Proprietary architecturer and integrated battery management system ( BMS ) - no additional programming, firmware, or wiring.
  • 04Operates at unparalleled 98% efficiency for more than 5000 cycles.
  • 05Can be rack mounted or wall mounted in a dead space area of your home / business.
  • 06Offer up to 100% depeth of discharge.
  • 07Non-toxic and non-hazardous recylcable materials - recycle at end of life.

Advanced Production Line
Safe Packaging
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