How can I make the parallel connection for different lithium batteries?

Making a parallel connection for different lithium batteries is a simple process that can help increase their overall capacity and performance. Here are some steps to follow:

1.Make sure the batteries are from the same company and BMS is the same version. why we should consider purchasing lithium batteries from the same factory? That’s to assure of consistent quality. Different factory has different standard process for manufacturing batteries, and they may not use the same materials and equipment technology, it is hardly to ensure each battery meets the same quality standards if working with different battery models, brands and companies. In order to have any high risk and void any potential problems, it is important to talk with your engineers before battery parallel.

2.Choose lithium batteries that have the same voltage rating: Before connecting different lithium batteries in parallel, ensure that they have the same voltage. This will prevent any issues that could arise from mismatched voltages.

3.Use batteries with the same capacity: The capacity of a battery is the amount of energy it can store. If you connect batteries with different capacities in parallel, they will discharge unevenly, and their lifespan will be reduced. Therefore, it is advisable to use batteries with the same capacity.

4.Connect the batteries positive to positive and negative to negative: First, connect the positive terminals of the batteries together, and then connect the negative terminals. This will create a parallel connection where the batteries are working together to provide a higher current output.

5.Use a battery management system (BMS): A BMS is a device that monitors the voltage and temperature of the connected batteries and ensures that they are charged and discharged evenly. A BMS will also prevent overcharging or over-discharging, which can damage the batteries.

6.Test the connection: Once you have connected the batteries, test the voltage with a multimeter to ensure that they are properly connected.

By following these simple steps, you can make a parallel connection for different lithium batteries to increase their overall performance and capacity without any negative effects.

Post time: Nov-13-2023