YouthPOWER Offgrid AIO ESS YP-THEP-6/10 LV1/4

We understand that every house is unique and everyone need power when grid power is unreliable or unavailable due to frequent outages.
People desire energy independence and want to reduce reliance on utility companies, especially when they live in remote areas without access to the main electricity grid. YouthPOWER aims to minimize electricity costs in the long term by generating their own power, especially environmental concerns drive the desire to use renewable energy sources like solar.


How we function the YouthPOWER offgrid inverter and battery system:


Convert DC power from solar panels to lifpo4 storage batteries to AC power for household appliances.
Manage battery charging to optimize efficiency and lifespan.
Store excess energy in batteries for using during low sunlight.
Provide backup power during grid outages.
Monitor energy flow and system status for maintenance and optimization, regulate voltage and frequency for stable power supply.
Support integration of renewable energy sources with grid-independent power supply.
No worry about the inverter & battery communication, manage charging and discharging cycles to maximize battery lifespan.


Battery Module :
Single battery 51.2V 100AH 16S1P
Support battery storage parallel, suggest max.4 batteries with 20KWH



Post time: Mar-04-2024