How is Bluetooth /WIFI Technology Applied in New Energy Storage?

       The emergence of new energy vehicles has stimulated the growth of supporting industries, such as power lithium batteries, fostering innovation and accelerating the development of energy storage battery technology. 

       An integral component within energy storage batteries is the Battery Management System (BMS), which includes three primary functions: battery monitoring, State Of Charge (SOC) assessment, and voltage balancing. BMS plays an essential core role in ensuring safety and enhancing the life of power lithium batteries. Serving as their programmable brain through battery management software, BMS acts as a protective shield for lithium batteries. Consequently, BMS's pivotal role in ensuring safety and longevity for power lithium batteries is increasingly recognized. 

       Bluetooth WiFi technology is used in BMS to package and transmit statistical data such as cell voltages, charging/discharging currents, battery status, and temperature via Bluetooth WiFi modules for convenient data collection or remote transmission purposes. By connecting remotely to a mobile app interface, users can also access real-time battery parameters and operating status.

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YouthPOWER’s energy storage solution with Bluetooth/ WIFI technology

       YouthPOWER batteries solution comprises a Bluetooth WiFi module, a lithium battery protection circuit, an intelligent terminal, and an upper computer. The battery pack is connected to the positive and negative electrode connection circuits on the protection board. The Bluetooth WiFi module is linked to the MCU serial port on the circuit board. By installing the corresponding app on your phone and connecting it to the serial port on the circuit board, you can conveniently access and analyze charging and discharging data of lithium batteries through both your phone app and display terminal.

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Other Special applications:

1.Fault Detection and Diagnostics: Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity enables real-time transmission of system health information, including fault alerts and diagnostic data, facilitating prompt issue identification within the energy storage system for quick troubleshooting and minimal downtime.

2.Integration with Smart Grids: Energy storage systems with Bluetooth or WiFi modules can communicate with smart grid infrastructure, enabling optimized energy management and grid integration, including load balancing, peak shaving, and participation in demand response programs.

3.Firmware Updates and Remote Configuration: Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity enables remote firmware updates and configuration changes, ensuring that the energy storage system stays up-to-date with the latest software improvements and adaptations to changing requirements.

4.User Interface and Interaction: Bluetooth or WiFi modules can enable easy interaction with the energy storage system via mobile apps or web interfaces, allowing users to access information, adjust settings, and receive notifications on their connected devices.

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Download and install the "lithium battery WiFi" APP

Scan the QR code below to download and install the "lithium battery WiFi" Android APP. For the iOS APP, please go to the App Store (Apple App Store) and search for "JIZHI lithium battery" to install it. 

Picture 1 : Android APP download connection QR code

Picture 2 : APP icon after installation

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Case Show:

YouthPOWER 10kWH-51.2V 200Ah waterproof wall battery with Bluetooth WiFi functions

Overall, Bluetooth and WiFi modules play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and usability of new energy storage systems, enabling seamless integration into smart grid environments and providing users with greater control and insight into their energy usage. If you are interested in our product, feel free to contact YouthPOWER sales team:


Post time: Mar-29-2024