Lithium Ion Home Battery for the Netherlands

The Netherlands is not only one of the largest residential battery energy storage system markets in Europe, but also boasts the highest per capita solar energy installation rate on the continent. With the support of net metering and VAT exemption policies, the home solar power storage capacity in the country continued to increase in 2023, offering vast investment prospects. Furthermore, there is a wide range of lithium ion home battery capacities available in the Netherlands, varying from a few KWH to tens of KWH depending on demand and budget. The size of these systems depends on factors such as energy consumption, solar battery backup requirements, and coverage time range. While some households may only require small battery systems for power outages or peak load reduction purposes, others who seek independence from the grid and reliance on renewable energy may opt for larger capacity systems to ensure continuous supply.

solar backup battery for home

The Netherlands leads Europe's renewable energy sector with over 25% of roofs equipped with solar panels, contributing to the country's largest share of 20 GW+ solar power generation units. According to the national statistical agency CBS, as of June 2022, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in the country reached 16.5 GW, with an increase of 3,803 MW in 2021 and an additional deployment of 3,882 MW in 2022. Overall, the Dutch solar industry is thriving and expected to maintain its prominent role in Europe's solar energy sector.

According to the latest news, the Dutch government has allocated €100 million ($106.7 million) to subsidize battery energy storage projects that are deployed alongside solar power projects. The funding is part of a €4.16 billion subsidy program announced last year to alleviate grid congestion. The program will begin on January 1, 2025, and end in 2034, aiming to promote the deployment of battery energy storage facilities ranging from 1.6 MW to 3.3 MW.

After a year of discussions and negotiations, the Dutch parliament decided in February 2024 to maintain the country's net metering program. The program is designed to support the Dutch distributed storage market and encourage residential users to use all of their generated electricity for self-consumption by gradually phasing out subsidies for surplus electricity exported to the grid. The government hopes that this will encourage households to purchase battery backup power supply, reduce peak load on the grid, and increase self-consumption of solar power, thereby driving the development of the solar power battery storage market. This is very beneficial to all Dutch solar panel battery pack distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

Here are the recommended home lithium battery storage models for Dutch households.

  1. 5KWH 10KWH Home Battery System for Solar
lithium ion home battery
  • Fashionable design
  • BMS 100/200A available
  • Vertical Industry Integration ensures over 6000 cycles
  • Compatible with most of hybrid inverter
  • Communication protocols: CAN, RS485, RS232
  • EV - Car style inner battery structure for longer cycles
  • UL 1973, CE-EMC, IEC62619 certified


  1. 15KWH-51.2V 300Ah Lithium Ion Home Battery
Home battery system for solar
  • Finger touch LCD applied
  • 200A smart BMS protection
  • RS485 & CAN BUS applied
  • Wheels standing for easy installation
  • 15kWh large capacity design, meet the needs of big houses
  • Good battery price


  1. 20KWH-51.2V 400Ah Battery Power Pack For Home 
big battery for home
  • Simple & nice appearance
  • Easy to install, operate & maintain
  • With wheels and wall-mounted dual design, easy to move & install
  • 20kWh large capacity design for big home storage requirement
  • Cost-effective factory wholesale price


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Post time: Jun-06-2024