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Why we need a independent operating battery model?

The independent installation of battery energy storage at the electricity client can improve the user’s load regulation capability and power supply reliability. There are three main ways of making profits:

  1. To cut peaks and fill valleys, and use peak-valley price difference arbitrage to reduce electricity bills;
  2. Demand management, which reduces basic electricity bills by reducing peaks in electricity consumption;
  3. To participate in demand response, by responding to grid dispatch instructions Realize the change or shift of electricity load to obtain benefits. Through the cooperation of energy storage manufacturers and users to operate and share profits.


Energy storage is used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for all kinds of users who need uninterrupted power supply. Traditional technologies mostly use lead-acid batteries. As costs drop, lead-carbon batteries and lithium-ion batteries have begun to enter this field. The energy storage system as a backup power source can theoretically carry out peak shaving and valley filling and participate in demand response, bringing additional economic benefits to users, but its control and management system has strict requirements, the current cost is high, and large-scale application has not yet begun.

YouthPOWER solar storage battery will be one of your best choice as independant supply backup choice.

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