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Has Tesla acquired any battery technology companies?

Not that I know of but Tesla did almost buy Simbol Materials, a small lithium extracting company, in 2014. Elon offered $325 millions, and the paperwork was reaching the final stage, but the company made two mistakes:

1. It decided to hire another company to evaluate its valuation. The price came back was $2.5 billions.

2. It decided to send that $2.5 billion valuation to Elon.

Elon saw the valuation and saw no room to negotiate. I mean there is a huge gap between $325 millions and $2.5 billions. So Elon instructed his employees to cut off all contacts with Simbol Materials. A few months later the company went out of business.

So it went from $325 millions to $2.5 billions and back to $0. The lesson here is that you have to give people a number they can work with. Too big of a gap and they just shut the whole thing down.

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