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How do I set up lithium ion battery plant in India?


There have been a few similar questions in the past for India too. You might try looking them up here on Quora. In fact, I responded to one of them.

In short, you’ll need a solid team of scientists and engineers who are good in Li-ion chemistries; especially production engineers who are experienced in successful Li-ion cell production.

I presume you’ve already conducted a thorough market study of what kind of Li-ion cells (there are 6-7 types) that you want to produce by the syntax of your question.

Once you’ve done all of the above very thoroughly, then you can look for investors to help you. There are companies in Germany, Japan, Korea, and China that sell Li-ion cell production equipment. Once you are ready to present to investors, call me, and I’ll take you through the finishing steps to ensure that you have a good chance in getting funded. No short-cuts, do your due diligence very thoroughly.


I recently worked with a few startups in India that had the aspirations to build a Li-ion cell production plant. India has history, and the older a country, the more potential cultural hangups. The combination of cultural conditioning, political instability, and a number of other India-specific issues will make it all the more challenging to get any business going in India.

There are always solutions to every problem, but it could get complicated in India. I’ve met very honest and honorable business people in India, but many shades of gray, as well. Western education has helped a great deal for the younger generation to come back to become role-models for others to learn the more efficient ways of doing business. To explain how best to do business in India and be successful might exhaust Quora’s cloud storage. For those who are Indian, you know what I mean.

The key advice is to have plenty of reserve-money, reliable grid power, good UPS with long-term off-grid power generation, hire dedicated workers, be good to them and their families, and they will remain loyal to you. This is the same advice for any country in Asia.

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