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What are SunPower solar panels made of?

Solar power modules are basically made of a bunch of solar cells.


A solar cell is a small device that converts sunlight into electricity. It does this by using the photovoltaic effect, which means that it uses photons from the sun to generate electricity. Most solar panels use crystalline silicon (c-Si) or thin-film cells.


Cells are required to be protected from mechanical damage and moisture because they’re going to be on your roof for years and exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, but most modules are rigid so they can stand up to the test of time.


There’s more than one way to connect cells together, but generally speaking you’ll want them in series–one after another–to create higher voltages so your system can produce more power. Cells are connected in parallel when you need more amperage, which means they’re all running at once instead of one after another like they would be in series mode.


The wattage rating of each module is determined by multiplying its voltage by its current (or amperage), so if you have multiple modules in parallel then their combined wattage should be equal to or greater than what you need for your home or business!

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