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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Applying Lithium Solar Cells?

1. When the power is turned off, the lithium battery cannot be overcharged or charged. 

The battery should be charged before running out of power, so that it is not easy to damage the rechargeable battery. It is suggested that the battery charging time should be within 2-3 hours. It does not have to be full of oil, but the lithium battery should be fully charged, and pay attention to charging and discharging every 3-4 months. No matter what brand or type of lithium electronic device you use, if the battery is charged too much at one time, and it remains this way for a long time, the rechargeable solar system Batteries will be damaged, and a more serious situation may even occur. Lithium batteries must prevent excessive battery charging when charging the battery, and do not need a lot of charging and discharging and battery charging. However, after about 30 times of battery charging, the output power inspection integrated IC will automatically charge and discharge the battery, so that everyone can better evaluate the situation of the rechargeable battery in your hand.

2. The battery charging working voltage should not be higher than the battery charging working voltage, and the charging and discharging working voltage should not be less than the working standard voltage

The lithium battery must maintain the working standard voltage continuously. If the working standard voltage environment is too low, the actual operation of fully automatic charging and discharging will occur, which will endanger the specificity of some pears in lithium electronic devices to a very large extent and cause them to suffer damage.

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