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48v 50AH LITHIUM ION BATTERY Energy Storage

YouthPOWER 48v 50AH LITHIUM ION BATTERY Energy Storage UPS Lifepo4 Rack Mounted LFP Solar Battery System 2.4KWH Powerwall


48 volt lifepo4 battery

48v lithium iron phosphate battery


YouthPOWER well-designed wall battery unit mini size 48V 50AH for home storage solar projects. Working with Lifepo4 cell, 48v 50Ah powerwall design with lithium iron phosphate ( Lifepo4 ) from selected cell factory to meet the demand for a small consumption where power storage for small residential home system with parallel connection upto 16 units for different variety of home applications.


Lifepo4 48v battery

Lifepo4 48 volt


Now most storage inverters are comparable with our BMS system. Different tested inverter brands are : Victon, SMA, Deye, SolArk, Sunsynk etc..


Q: How can we choose a suitable solar battery for home use? If 2.4KWH is enough for my home use or not?

A:. As you make plans for installing the new solar system, please check your monthly power bill- summer or winter to decide how much using about in the day time or night time, set a plan for the coming years to set the storage power goals. Or we can decide how bigger battery best after we understand your inverter power. Share with our sales engineers who will give you a suitable solution. If 2.4kwh is not use, you may consider our 5kwh, 10kwh, 15kwh or 20kwh without parallel or you may consider parallel as it is allow to connect max. 16 units.


Q: What’s your advantage compared with other competitors?

A:. Every professional buyer with to work with professional production team. We offer:

(1). Qualified Manufacturer

(2). Reliable Quality Control

(3). Competitive Price

(4). High Efficiency working (24*7hours)

(5). One-Stop Service


50ah solar battery

lifepo4 battery backup system

50ah solar battery


lithium-ion rechargeable battery Video


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