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Australia launches household storage battery program

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced on April 13 that in the outskirts of Alkimos, Western Australia, a fixed “home storage battery” connected to residential photovoltaic power generation has been connected to the grid and started operation.

Australia launches household storage battery program

The operation of the fixed household storage battery is an empirical test, and the total budget is 6.7 million Australian dollars by 2020. ARENA is said to have provided a subsidy of 3.3 million Australian dollars. The main body of the empirical test is Synergy, all local power operators in Western Australia, and developers LandCorp and Lendlease.

Australia starts construction of household storage battery project

The demonstration test installed 1.1MWh lithium-ion batteries in two shipping containers on the outskirts of Alkimos. It is said to be able to store electricity generated by solar panels in more than 100 houses in the surrounding area.

Australia household storage battery project under construction

The combination of community-scale fixed household storage batteries and rooftop residential photovoltaic power generation equipment can also reduce the power received from the grid and reduce consumers’ electricity bills.

Australian household batteries

ARENA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ivor Frischknecht said, “Energy suppliers, developers and consumers can all benefit. In the future, I hope that this empirical test can become a model of innovative energy supply systems in the 21st century.”

At the same time, Frischknecht also pointed out that the role of photovoltaic power generation and household batteries in the traditional power grid needs to be further deepened. In addition, the current reverse power flow from the battery to the grid has issues such as not applicable to the fixed price acquisition system.

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