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Ess System : 8kw inverter with 20-50kwh on/off-grid


Very powerful 8000 Watts of Power and 20KWh – 50KWH of storage capacity, the whole on/off-grid electricity storage system is best in its class and able to provide clean electricity to most residential or commercial applications.


Inverter ON-GRID integration with Bi-Directional meter, Remote Monitoring, UPS function.


  1. Waterproof design, making it good for indoor / outdoor use
  2. Battery is a modular design with good capacity, with an optional, easy installation and easy operation
  3. Uses patent lithium / lifepo4 technology with high Quality Components
  4. Safe and family friendly
  5. Long life span for worry-free use
  6. Remote and mobile monitoring
  7. Anti-load capacity, high load capacity, can drive all equipment loads in addition to all kinds of resistance loads. Also powers various types of inductive type devices, such as motors, air conditioners, electric drills, fluorescent lamps, gas lamps, etc
  8. Uses pure sine wave frequency circuit design for excellent product performance and stability, with a low failure rate, long life and easy maintenance. Normal life can reach more than five years
  9. Perfect protection for all environments: low pressure, high pressure, high temperature, short circuit, overload, etc



The Ess System is an off-grid energy storage system that is perfect for the home or business. The Ess System comes in two different sizes, 8kw and 20kwh, and can be used to power everything from refrigerators and lights to water pumps and security systems.


The Ess System stores energy generated by solar panels during the day and then releases it during the night. This allows you to use your solar panels around the clock without having to worry about running out of power during the evening hours.


We all want the solar system that can do it all.


We want a solar power system that can handle our loads during the day, and then charge up at night to be ready for the next day.


We want a solar storage battery that works in an off-grid situation, but also charges up when there’s no sun.


And we want an inverter that can handle any load from a small appliance to a whole house, and then make sure the battery gets charged up before anything else happens.


Well guess what? We have it! Our new [system name] system is everything you could possibly want in a solar energy storage system, and more. It’s got:


-8 kw of power generation capacity (4x4kw panels)


-20-50 kwh of energy storage capacity (2×20 kwh batteries)


-An inverter with enough wattage to handle any load from a small appliance to your whole house, and then some!

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