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How do I install 5KVA hybrid solar system for my house?


5Kva is not a quantity of energy. First you work out how much energy you need. If you have an electricity bill it will tell you how many kilowatt hours of energy you use per month and multiply by 12 to get an annual energy requirement. From this you work out how many solar panels are needed to give this amount per year on average. BUT if you already have mains electricity there is no point using solar power as well.

Stand alone PV systems are much more efficient and power your house 100% removing all electricity bills completely. I developed a system where you buy solar packages, ready made, dedicated, perfectly matched and these can work alone or be joined together to create a PV system of any size. They come with matched appliances and save more than 75% of energy wasted on inverter systems. As you know, your lap top computer runs on a battery which is DC and no mains power is used. There is a transformer on the 240v AC cable that converts the 240VAC to low voltage DC. My system throws away the AC transformer, which has high energy losses and you use the Car cigarette lighter adaptor for your computer, which you can get from the shop where you bought the computer or any big supermarket electrical section if You use your own computer but is supplied together with my package if you buy the package. By not using the inverter you save 75% of the PV system costs making these packages very low cost.

Modern Air conditioning units also use DC power to save energy so you get a DC inverter technology air conditioning unit with the package or DC inverter technology washing machine or DC technology fridge which also save a lot of energy reducing the cost of the PV system.

This also has the advantage that you can buy the system part by part at lower initial capital cost and you can ADD as many packages as you like, more than 100 Megawatts without any problem.

Also each part can work independently so there can never be any total failure. The packages can also be joined together by the solar controller which can serve as a power management system routing extra power from batteries already charged to batteries in another package that are not full yet.

You can use this package method to lower your cost.

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