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Japan and Germany will develop a power battery with a battery life of 400 kilome

Recently, Japan’s GS YUASA and Mitsubishi Corporation announced that they will jointly develop batteries for electric vehicles with a battery life of up to 400 kilometers on a single charge with Bosch Co., Ltd. of Germany. Once the technology is successfully developed, it will have a greater impact on the development pattern of electric vehicles. The three companies will set up joint ventures in Germany. Japan’s GS YUASA will be responsible for the development of the battery body, the German Bosch Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the battery control system and quality management, and Mitsubishi Corporation will be responsible for raw material supply and market research. The joint venture company plans to start operations in 2014, and its main research and development direction is to increase battery capacity and achieve battery miniaturization.

Japan and Germany will develop a power battery with a battery life of 400 kilometers

High-performance lithium-ion batteries are the core of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicle technology. At present, the battery life of batteries developed by the world’s major automobile manufacturers is more than 200 kilometers on a single charge.

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