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Energy storage + intelligent help Singapore green shipyard!

Recently, with the commissioning of Vision 1.5MW/1.25MWh user-side energy storage and smooth access to EnOS ™ intelligent Internet of Things operating system, Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM) has stepped further on the road of zero-carbon transformation, which is also an important part of Vision to help Singapore build a smart country.



The project is located outside the Keppel and Maritime Group shipyard in the southwest corner of Singapore.KOM is one of the world’s largest Marine engineering enterprises and a pioneer in the field of rig design, construction and repair, ship maintenance and modification, and special-purpose ship construction. Under the global carbon-neutral background and the high environmental requirements of Singapore, its traditional manufacturing model needs to be improved:


On the one hand, the offshore drilling platform with 60Hz frequency cannot directly use the 50Hz Singapore grid and can only rely on diesel units, with the high cost and heavy pollution; on the other hand, a large number of drilling platforms and ships conduct multiple inspections every year, and a series of combined power generation experiments convert electric energy into thermal energy emissions, resulting in great energy waste and carbon emissions. For this situation, Vision designs a smart energy storage solution closely with hardware and software: building energy containers and buffers based on a lithium iron phosphate battery system; a back-to-back power conversion system (PCS) as a bridge, connecting 50Hz grid and 60Hz microgrid, and energy flow; and EnOS ™ intelligent Iot operating system to ensure the healthy operation of energy storage and develop a broader value space for it.


In this scheme, the Vision Smart Energy storage system replaces the original diesel generator, equipped with EnOS ™ intelligent ot operating system, relying on cloud accurate load prediction and real-time data access at the station, flexibly switch operation mode: when the drilling platform needs to charge, 50Hz Singapore grid is converted into 60Hz for use and cost reduction; when the drilling platform generates power, the surplus power recovery (including the power generated by drilling platform and ship inspection) or reverse supply to the onshore grid, greatly improving the energy utilization.


At the same time, due to the EnOS ™ intelligent operating system covering the shipyard, vision wisdom energy storage system in its state and external environmental conditions, also can coordinate photovoltaic power generation and plant, with accurate prediction and perfect control strategy, peak load and demand management functions, assist KOM to avoid fines, reduce economic losses. According to financial calculations, the Vision Smart Energy Storage system can help KOM reduce carbon by about 2,295 tons per year, saving about $1.2 million, including diesel generators, diesel costs, electricity bills, and carbon taxes.


Safety is the lifeline of energy storage, in ensuring the safety of the energy storage system, vision also doubles: in hardware, the project energy storage battery system container according to the NFPA855 standard, achieves EI120 fire and insulation effect, obtained the Singapore fire safety certification (Fire Safety Certificate), is the first set to meet the requirements of Singapore fire bureau fire strict stacked energy storage.


For software, Storage Enlight based on EnOS ™ intelligent Iot operating system can monitor the operation status of all system components including lithium-ion battery system, power conversion system (PCS), thermal management system (air conditioning, etc.), fire protection system, etc. Any status change, health warning, or equipment failure of the energy storage system will be informed to the relevant personnel by email or SMS to ensure the safe and stable operation of the energy storage system. From “zero-carbon shipyard” to “smart city”, Vision, as a zero-carbon technology partner, has become a green technology enterprise with the lowest level and key core technologies in the field of energy intelligent Internet of Things through technological intelligent technology innovation, and is also an indispensable support for Singapore to move towards a smart country.

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