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lifepo4 battery enters an acceleration stage, Japan, France

A few days ago, Japan’s JERA Co., Ltd., France’s Lyon Group, and the US joint venture energy company Fluence Energy announced that they will cooperate in the development of new lifepo4 battery technology and plan to deploy energy storage solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

lifepo4 battery enters an acceleration stage

In recent years, as the relationship with renewable energy has become closer, the lifepo4 battery application market has gradually received attention and opened rapidly. Data show that in 2017, a total of 1.4GW and 2.3GWh of energy storage projects were deployed globally. Among them, Australia is in a leading position in power capacity, with a total of 246MW; the US market leads the world in energy capacity with a total of 431MWh; European countries and China follow closely behind. In Europe, in 2017, the UK and Germany led the development of the European energy storage and frequency modulation industry. Germany has signed a total of 135MW of energy storage projects, and the UK has an installed capacity of 117MW.

Lifepo4 battery construction projects around the world

In 2018, not only Europe, but the world is accelerating the deployment of the lifepo4 battery market. The governments of the United States, Australia, Turkey and other countries have set clear development directions or goals in the field of energy storage.

lifepo4 battery is used in solar energy storage

Among them, the United States is the most active. At present, five states in the United States have clearly formulated energy storage plans. On June 5, Colorado passed an energy storage-related bill, clearly encouraging the increase of installed energy storage capacity and incorporating the development of lifepo4 batteries into the long-term planning process of public utilities. A week before, New Jersey also announced a very “ambitious” goal-by 2030, the installed capacity of energy storage reached 2GW. In 2013, California set a goal of 1.3GW of installed energy storage capacity by 2020. In 2015, Oregon tried to complete its 5MWh energy storage plan by 2020. Massachusetts passed a 200MWh energy storage plan in 2016.

lifepo4 battery is developing rapidly around the world

Relevant forecasts indicate that the United States will remain the “main position” of the global lifepo4 battery market from 2018 to 2022; China will also rise rapidly, surpassing all markets outside the United States in 2019 to become the world’s second largest lifepo4 battery market; By 2022, the global annual energy storage market capacity will reach 8.6GW and 21.6GWh. In this process, market policies and market mechanisms in various countries will also be continuously improved.

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