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YouthPower Launches All-in-One ESS 15kwh Residential Battery

Its new line of residential hybrid storage systems integrates 5.5KVA inverter technology with the lithium-ion storage technology of Chinese battery specialist YouthPower


storage systems 


Chinese battery manufacturer Youthpower has unveiled a new series of residential storage systems that integrates its own inverter tech. and the lithium-ion storage solutions.


It’s 5.5kva series – described as an ‘all-in-one’ single-phase storage solution – includes two different products. Offering storage capacities of 7.5 kWh and 15kWh, respectively. Battery devices uses LiFePO4 as the cathode material and have a rated voltage of 51.2 V. Both systems are also said to ensure 6,000 cycles and have an operating voltage range of 44.8 to 57.6V.


The distributed storage systems feature an ambient operating temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius and a storage temperature range of -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The storage systems be connected in series for a maximum of four devices.


As for the inverters embedded in the solutions, they have a power rating of 5.5kw and estimated to expanded to 8Kw inverter system, respectively. Both devices have two maximum power point tracking (MPPT) inputs and an MPPT range of 100-500 VDC.


Both inverters are reported efficiency is 97.6%, for a European efficiency rating of 97%. The devices can operate at temperatures between -20 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius.


This solution was designed to offer customers a fast response and uninterruptible residential PV power supply. The single – phase hybrid inverter features an intelligent modular design and online monitoring via ESS App, as well as programmable time of use in certain countries with IP65 designed, proving better protection against water and dust while being aesthetically pleasing.


It will be one of the excellence productions for our modern life.

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