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The service life and market price of household solar energy storage systems

With the development of solar power generation and solar cell technology, household solar panels are slowly entering small households in urban and rural areas. In this way, the installation and service life of household solar panels have become a concern for many users. Let’s take a look at the current market situation of household solar panels.

Home solar battery installation process

The price of household solar panels is currently around US$24 per watt. There are many types of panels, ranging from tens of watts to more than 300 watts. Install according to the electricity consumption of your home. For example, a 30-square-meter solar panel is about 180W, which costs 20 US dollars or 240W panels requires 24 US dollars (total about 4000W), solar batteries cost about 25 US dollars (12V100A), an inverter, and the solar panels account for 60% of the cost. %, the current market price is about 24 dollars for 1W, solar batteries account for about 30% of the cost (about 25 dollars per piece), inverters account for about 5% of the cost (about 1,000 dollars), and others account for about 5% of the cost .The total cost is about 4000-7000 US dollars, the daylight is 6H, and the day’s power generation is about 20-30 degrees.

The service life of household solar batteries

The solar energy conversion efficiency of a general solar panel is about 11%, and it is about 14W per square meter under sunny sunshine. The specific daily power generation depends on factors such as geographic location, sunshine time, and sunlight incidence angle (that is, season).

The market price of household solar batteries

The life span of household solar panels excludes force majeure, natural disasters and man-made factors, and is used in normal conditions. According to current user feedback from normal use, there will be differences due to different types of solar panels.

Market advantages of household solar batteries

The specific theoretical life expectancy is 25 years for laminated solar panels encapsulated by toughened glass, 5-8 years for solar panels laminated with PET, and 2-3 years for solar panels encapsulated by epoxy resin. At present, more than 95% of solar panels on the market are solar panels laminated and encapsulated with tempered glass.

Household solar battery

The life of photovoltaic modules is determined by their power generation efficiency, and the degree of combination of the PN junction and the purity of the silicon wafer determine the strength of the solar panel to generate electricity under the same light irradiation. As time goes by, the PN junction will continue to break In this way, the efficiency will continue to decline. After 15 years, the conversion efficiency will be more than 90%, and after 25 years, it will drop to about 85%, so the life of photovoltaic components is basically more than 20 years.

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