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51.2v 400AH 20KWH lifepo4 solar storage ESS

Don’t be left in the dark. YOUTH POWER designed a Home Battery Backup, single unit 20kwh 51.2v 400AH – Emergency Power System to maintain power during emergency power outages and for off-grid applications. 200A Smart BMS control the whole battery working in a safety for your whole family loading.

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20KWH 51.2V Lifepo4 wheels stand solar storage battery ESS

Battery Specifications
Model No. YP-WL51400
Voltage 51.8V
Combination 16S8P
Capacity 400AH
Energy 20KWH
Weight  250KG
Cell 3.2V 50AH UL 1642
BMS Built - in Battery Management System
Connectors Waterproof connector
Dimension  820*460*700mm
Cycles ( 80% DOD ) 6000 Cycles
Depeth of discharge Upto 100%
Life time  10 years
Standard charge 100A
Standard discharge 100A
Maximum continuous charge  250A
Maximum continuous discharge 250A
Operation temperature Charge : 0-45℃, Discharge : -20~55℃
Storage Temperature Keep at -20 to 65℃
Protection standard IP21
Cut off voltage 46V
Max.charging voltage 58.4V
Memory effect None
Maintenance Maintenance free
Compatibility Compatible with all standard offgrid inverters and charge controllers. Battery to inverter output sizing keep 2:1 ratio.
Warranty Period 10 Years
Remarks: Youth Power 20KWH battery BMS must be wired in parallel only. Wiring in series will void the warranty. Allow max. 14 units in parallel to expand more capacity.



Solar battery

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