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30kwh battery Energy Storage System Lifepo4

The 30kwh battery is a home energy storage system with smart BMS that delivers DC current power services catering to all scenarios. The 30kwh battery is perfect for home, microgrid or commercial school use.

The 30kwh battery can rechargeable lithium batteries use safe lithium cell LIFEPO4. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be used in tandem for more energy storage. Energy input are from wind energy or solar energy etc green energy, the electrical energy storage devices, can use different times to output electricity. For example, wind energy and solar energy are unstable and not easy to supply current all the time. Combined with wall-mounted battery packs, energy storage system problems will be solved. This battery is designed to achieve market leading energy density.

Rated Voltage 51.2V Rated Capacity 300Ah Supply Ability 5000 units per month MOQ 1 unit Model YP 51300-15KWH Payment TT Dimension 920*220*730 mm Weight About 220 kg Certification UL1642,IEC

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