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Battery storage system for businesses

Both a solar PV and a Battery Storage Systems can provide many benefits for private and commercial companies.  Not only do you save money by minimizing your utility bill, but you ensure your company can handle a power outage without loss of production or product.  Both solar PV and battery storage systems are great addition to any company.

Here are a few highlights of the most significant benefits of commercial solar battery storage:



As it stands now, a solar PV system can produce onsite energy at a rate that is lower, per-kWh, than what the local utility would charge. A BESS, on the other hand, can deliver tariff-specific demand charge savings, which can be a major benefit for commercial operations.  These systems have been deployed separately, until now.

When the two technologies are paired, though, they offer enhanced benefits. Not only are the savings and ROI much higher when the technologies work as a duo, but a combined solar and storage system has the potential to streamline the use of energy and reduce demand charge risk.


One of the largest challenges facing companies today is the inconsistency of solar exposure, or solar intermittency.  This can make energy production unreliable and difficult to predict.  However, when install a battery backup system, commercial operations can reduce demand charge risk due to solar intermittency. This, in turn, makes energy production more reliable and reduces the risk of demand charge-related electricity expenses.



When you add a commercial battery storage system to an existing solar system you are enhancing the resilience of a building’s power supply.  As power outages become increasingly common in some areas, solar systems that include backup technology are also becoming more popular. In a world where the grid is decentralizing, and energy systems are becoming more distributed, solar battery backup systems represent an intelligent approach to creating a resilient power supply.



When you install a battery storage system, the batteries store excess energy produced by solar panels. This energy is then saved for later use. If an organization experiences an outage or disconnection from the grid,  the building can utilize the solar battery backup to access power, even in the event of an outage.



Customers appreciate doing business with companies that support the same social and environmental values that they do.  Because of this, installing solar panels and backup batteries on your company is a great way to attract positive attention and market yourself and your company as an organization that cares about the environment and reducing dependence on nonrenewable resources.



Most commercial utility customers pay on a kilowatt-hour basis for the power they use. These charges are based on the company’s highest usage period within a single billing cycle. As such, companies are billed for utilization spikes that exceed beyond their standard number of kilowatt-hours, which can create hundreds or even thousands of dollars of cost overrun during months when costs have increased.

While alternative energy sources, such as solar power, can offset demand charges, batteries are the one element that can truly reduce the costs associated with peak energy use.  By delivering stored solar power on-demand, battery backup systems are ideal for reducing expenses and helping companies save money in the long-term.



While most people think of major corporations when they picture commercial solar backup power systems, these companies can benefit equally from solar battery backup:

  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Universities & schools
  • Telecom companies
  • Agricultural companies with large operations
  • Churches

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