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Are electric car batteries lithium ion or nickel metal hydride?

Batteries can be classified into different categories and types, ranging from chemical composition, size, form factor and use cases. However, under all of these are two major battery types; primary batteries and secondary batteries.

Primary Batteries:

Primary batteries are the type of batteries that need to be replaced once their energy has been depleted. They are non-rechargeable which means that you cannot recharge them and use them again after being discharged. However, they do hold a significant amount of energy compared to other types of batteries. Examples of primary batteries include alkaline batteries, lithium ion batteries and zinc chloride batteries.

Secondary Batteries:

On the other hand, secondary batteries are rechargeable and can be used over and over again without them losing their charge capacity over time just like alkaline or lithium ion batteries do when they have been recharged a few times already. The main difference between primary and secondary batteries is that while one is discarded after its initial use, the other can be recharged and reused many times over before it becomes unusable due to aging effects caused by frequent recharging cycles (or “cycling”).

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