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Buy Solar Battery Online at Best Prices In India


Buy Solar Battery Online and Power Your Home

Have frequent power cuts been bothering you? While, getting an inverter would be the perfect solution, it is equally important to decide on the battery used to power the inverter. Solar powered batteries are more efficient and reduce greenhouse emissions. Various brands like Amptek, Relicell, Caxon, Greenmax, Exide and Panasonic sell solar powered batteries on online shopping websites, making it convenient for shoppers to pick the right battery depending on factors like the type, size, maintenance and the charging time required. Scroll down and have a look at some of the things you should look into while buying a solar battery online.

Buy Solar Battery Based on Optimal Use

There are three main types of solar powered battery that are available in the market today. A flooded lead-acid battery is a wet cell battery that makes use of electrolytes and is optimized for high capacity use. A sealed lead-acid battery makes use of silica gel and is generally used to power automobiles and traffic signals. The most common type of battery that is used for almost all uses and home purposes is the Lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher storage capacity and are smaller and lighter when compared to lead-acid batteries. The lithium-ion batteries have a higher lifespan when compared to lead acid or salt water. However, lithium-ion batteries are slightly more expensive than the lead-acid batteries. You can buy solar battery online and save time by picking the right one after reading online reviews.

Buy Solar Battery Depending on the Maintenance Required

A solar lithium-ion battery is maintenance-free as there is no initial filling or refilling of water required. Lithium-ion solar batteries are also safer when compared to batteries such as the flooded-lead acid battery and sealed-lead acid battery. While you research to buy the ideal solar battery, it is important to consider the voltage capacity in order to ensure that the battery is indeed the right fit for your needs.

Buy Solar Battery Depending on the Capacity

The capacity of the solar battery is an important criteria that ensures the optimal use of the battery. The capacity refers to the amount of energy that can be stored in the battery. So if the battery says it has a capacity of 8.8 Ah, it means that the solar battery will provide an energy of 8.8 Ah at a usable voltage. The battery bank voltage is another criteria to consider as it determines if the battery would match your requirements. You can find solar batteries online with capacities of 2.2 Ah, 4.4 Ah, 8.8 Ah and 19.8 Ah.

Buy Solar Battery Online at Discounted Prices

Choose from a variety of brands as you shop for a solar battery online. Popular brands like Panasonic, Greenmax, Quanta, Relicell and Exide also offer delightful discounts on your favorite online shopping websites, thereby paving way for some unbeatable deals. You could also make use of the EMI options and get yourself a solar battery and pay for the same in monthly installments.

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