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How do I install 5KVA hybrid solar system for my house?

Listed below are component found in a solar electrical generated system.

1.Solar panels or solar array

2.Charge controller

3.Power inverter or Micro inverter

4.DC circuit breakers

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6.Batteries or Battery bank

7.Servo stabiliser for grid system

8.Cables for connection

9.Mounting frames

Guides for getting your own solar system

1.Get the right information about green energy and develop a consciuos mind of its usage before deciding on either you are to go for it or not

2. Decide on the space where solar panel will be installed.

3.Do your load estimates yourself if you can using our guide or call a solar engineer

4.Work out best installation process that will allow gradual upgrade due to cost implication with your Engineer

System requirements calculations part 1


10 nos 8w light bulb to be on for 10 hrs per day = 10*8*10 =800watts-hour per day

2 nos 300w lcd tv for 8hrs per day =4800watt-hour per day

4 nos 200W ceiling fan for 12hrs per day = 9600Watt-hour per day

Total watt-hour per day is 800+4800+9600 =15200watt-hour per dat

Inverter size is (10*8)+(2*300)+(4*400) =2280watt = 2500watt or 2.5KW approx

System Requirements calculations part 2

Let’s assume we want to design the system to backup energy for 2days without recharging the batteries

15200*2 =30400Watt-Hr for 2 days

Then Backup battery size will be

System Voltage (24V) divided by the Total Kilowatt-hour for 2 days

=30400watt-hrs/24V =1266.6AH

But we only want to maintain 50%DOD

1266.6*200% = 2533AH

12 pcs 12V 205AH Flooded Deep cycle battery is required

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